Thursday, August 14, 2008

Who needs freedom in India?

Hi all,
Since last 60 years we Indians are free. We are in democracy, we are entitle to do anything, speak anything and go anywhere. But, what about the poor wildlife. They are still to get freedom from Human presence. They need inviolate space. They need complete isolation from Human being, not humanity. The attached picture was shot in the world famous "City Forests" - SGNP. in the pic. there is track near culvert No.: 12 at Vihar lake where a leopard cub passed by. in very few minutes a human followed the same track. This shows that the critical wildlife habitats are not away from the human greed, we humans use the forest resources for our very personal use, but also we degrade the forest land by felling/cutting trees, clearing the forests on the name of infrastructural development such as Hydro-Electric power plant, Nuclear plant & Water dams - reservoirs.

Do we have any other planet where we can shift, if all the resources from this earth are finished. If we kept on degrading our forests then, there will be no forests- no wildlife- no water and perhaps no humans.
Rajesh Sachdev
Wild Mumbai Nature Conservation
"The tiger cannot be preserved in isolation. It is at the apex of a large and complex biotope. Its habitat, threatened by human intrusion, commercial forestry, and cattle grazing, must first be made inviolate." - Mrs. Indira Gandhi

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