Friday, July 25, 2008

Matheran - An untamed panaroma

It was unimaginable to see the highly endangered specie right on the way to the bustling hill station of Mumbai - Matheran. Yes, guys, it was none other than the state animal of the Maharashtra the SHEKHAROO an Indian Giant Squirrel. Trust me I didn't expected this chap to come on my way, i remember to had seen it last time in Dandeli in October, 07. Perhaps, this is because of those who dreamt to make Matheran non pollution ECO Sensitive Zone, which is in the Hot spot of Bio-Diversity the Western Ghats. I know whome i Shall say Thanks for keeping Matheran what is it meant for ?
Me, Mane & Amish decided to spend the first day of week at Matheran on 21st of July. We reached at Mathearn at 08.00 AM and started the trail to Panaroma Point which is apprx. 5 Kms from the station ( 2.5 Kms from Dasturi Check Naka ). It was drizzling for the whole day. But, we had our preparations ready for it. I knew that the god of Rains will not let me see the good sightings of the denizens, but indeed he was much in good mood.
Here comes what I saw...................
1) Malabar Whistling Thrush - 5 sightings on the way and back Panaroma Point
2) Crested serpent Eagle - 3 sighting continuous shrilling and hovering above sky
3) Changeable Hawk Eagle - 1 Sighting in pair
4) Brown Headed Gull - 1 sighting , right at panaroma hill top
1) Tolypenthus logenifer
2) Pavetta crassicaulis
3) Pinda concanensis
4) Solanum anguivi
5) Sonerila scapigera
6) Habenaria rariflora
7) Cucuruma pseudomontana
1) Great Eggfly
2) Danaid Eggfly
3) Malabar Spotted flat
4) Blue Mormon
1) Indian Giant Squirrel
These 6 hours of tracking was indeed very much promising and thanks to Terence Delima for advising the right trail.
Experts kindly confirm how rare and how common is the Giant Squirrel at Matheran and also please confirm what the brown headed gull was to do at panaroma point?

Rajesh Sachdev
Wild Mumbai Nature Conservation
"The tiger cannot be preserved in isolation. It is at the apex of a large and complex biotope. Its habitat, threatened by human intrusion, commercial forestry, and cattle grazing, must first be made inviolate." - Mrs. Indira Gandhi

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